Saturday, October 16, 2021

250px-RosiemorabThe Morab is a breed developed from Arabian and Morgan lineage, and retains many characteristics of both breeds. Typical conformation is compact, with powerful but sleek muscle structure and substantial bone structure, while remaining refined and elegant. The Morab's neck is deep-set, strong, and arched, providing for easy breathing and fluid mobility. Morabs, like some other horse breeds of heavy Arabian ancestry, have a compact build and shorter back length, with a well-developed undercarriage and good propulsion from behind.

The Morab's hindquarters are generally powerfully built, possessing substantial muscle and bone. The forequarters are typically built very strongly as well, with a large, sloping shoulder and wide deep chest. Legs are rather thick, due to Morgan-influenced bone structure. They have comparatively short cannon bones, and solid, well-developed hooves.

The Morab head is generally very refined, carrying the Arabian's concave profile and wide forehead to some degree, while also displaying a more strongly muscled jaw and more substantial muzzle, typical of Morgan influence. The eyes are large, bright, and expressive, and afford the horse a very wide field of vision. The ears are generally small and alert, and are often fluted or tipped. Many Morabs have a thick and abundant mane and tail, often wavy and flowing, and "flagged" tail carriage, indicative of both Morgan and Arabian parantage.